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The Status GB7JF

Now On AIR(15th Jan2009)

GB7JF - M1 Junction Fifteen D-Star Node

This site is under construction, on behalf of GB7JF. The new D-Star
Node to be located in Northamptonshire, on the M1 near to J15. This is a privately funded D-Star Node to cover Northamptonshire.

Current status : Awaiting Nov (5th November 2008)
                              : Internet connection verified. Connection awaiting Nov (19th November 2008)
                              : Hardware awaiting callsign and frequencies (20th November 2008)
                              : G2 gateway PC software preinstalled, awaiting repeater hardware (20th November 2008)
                              : Site testing underway (22nd November 2008)
                              : Application now with OFCOM (17th December 2008)
                              : Started work on radio files for the Icom 2820 and 92E for local use
                              : UPS and PSU tested (20th December 2008) 
                              : Rack cleared for repeater and controller (20th December 2008)
                              : Phone line due to be installed (6th January 2009)
                              : Unfortunatly BT were unable to complete the installation awaiting return visit
                              : BT return (8th January) the line is now connected, and the services avalible
                              : Internet tested and router setup. Seems to be working well. (Sunday 11th January)
                              : NOV issued (advised by Rod @ OFCOM) (Tuesday 13th January)
                              : Repeater being dispatched by Icom (Tuesday 13th January)
                              : Gateway PC connected to the internet.(Wednesday 14th January)
                              : Darren of UK Inerconnect Team Installed G2 gateway and Setup (Thurday 15th Jan) 
                              : Basic Gateway testing carried out waiting for hardware installation (Thurday 15th Jan)
                              : Repeater Hardware under test (Tursday 15th January)
                              : Tuesday 15th January 20:30 aprox. Repeater was switched on air for the first time
                              : Congratulations to Steve (2E0ZLK) First contact with G7HIF during testing stages
                              : Antenna Upgrade arranged for W/C 19th January
                              : New Antenna installed and inital testing shows an increased Rx signal at the repeater
                              : In a few areas, the received signal from the repeater has fallen.