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GB7JF D-Star Repeater

M1 Junction 15 D-Star Repeater

Latest D-Star News:
                     GB7OK is now on the G2 Network
                     The 2 new non Icom systems moving on well
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Other News:
                     GB3NP on air in Northants

                        Radio Files Will Be Updated Shortly to Include
                                     New Reflectors and Repeaters

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The GB7JF project is really moving on now. Northampton nearly has its own D-Star repeater. Well to be correct it is really a regenerative node. We have been allocated a frequency pair RV771, that is 439.6375 Mhz output and 430.6375 MHz input. (Please remember we have a power limitation on the input frequency of 40 watts erp for intermediate and full licences, and 10 watt erp for novices). Over the next few weeks the site is being prepared for the arrival of the repeater from Icom. As many of you will now be aware, the repeater will be co sited with GB3TO Northants 2M repeater. As part of the work being carried out on site, GB3TO is having an overhaul. The picture on the left shows the mast along with the antenna array on the top. The antenna array is due to be upgraded early in the new year to help make it more efficient on both 2m and 70cm.

At this point I would like to thank everybody who has shown me support over the last couple of months, to keep me in check and stop me throwing in the towel.

On Saturday 20th, the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply) unit were re-commissioned. The basic installation is based on a 200Ah 48v battery rack, charged from the mains continuously. This 48v supply is then converted down to 12v to power the repeater and the control logic. Over the next week or so I will be carrying out load testing. I will also be testing and installing the GSM remote shutdown circuit along with mains power outage reporting. I am currently working on a mains backup system for the Internet connection and the main gateway PC although this is as yet unproven.

BT started the Telephone line installation on Tuesday(6th January), they returned on Thursday(8th January) and finished the connection work. Spent a number of hour in the cold on Sunday (11th January), setting up the internet. The connection works well, and the router is now setup to forward the D-Star ports.

Tuesday (13th January) Good news from Ofcom. The NOV has been issued, and the repeater dispatched by Icom. Watch this space for an On Air Date.

Many thanks to Darren at the UK Interconnect Team, who put in a very late night / early morning setting up the Gateway software and correcting my mistakes in the installation.

Following on from Darrens hard work we visited sit on the 15th January, and GB7JF was put on air at around about 8.30pm. Congratulations to Steve (2E0ZLK) for the first contact through the repeater, shortly followed by Darren (G7LWT) and Gary (2E0NNH). A rear D-Star DX was also heard in the form of Bob (G1UQF) later on in the evening.

One day next week there will be a short period of down time to install the new antenna and some additional memory in the PC.

The new antenna is now installed and under test.

We hope to install the rest of the battery back up system over the next week or two (W/C 9 Feb 2009), this may lead to a few short outages while the work is undertaken. I will try to give as much warning as I can of these outages.


     The PSU in the top of the rack           The battery unit and controller             The mast standing at 20m       
      waiting for the repeater and             this unit contains batteries that            the dual band antenna is 
      controller. The gateway PC              make 200Ah @ 48v supply for               being replaced in the new
      and intenet will also be                    the PSU in the repeater rack.               year.
      installed in this rack.